This Gadget Can Reduce Your Water Bill By 70% Every Month

We are facing the pressing question of how to ensure a clean, reliable water supply with strains from population growth, economic development, and environmental issues. If you have cultivated environmental consciousness and taken it into action, Hibbent thanks you. However, there’s one point that has a huge impact on the environment and climate change, which you might not be aware of. That is the faucet you use at home.


As known to us, turning off the bathroom faucet while brushing our teeth can save water (as much as 3,000 gallons per year!). But few of us know there are products that will help save water when we turn on the faucet too. Hibbent Faucet Aerators make it easy to reduce water use which can help your wallet and the environment.


Master Water-savers

Hibbent Faucet Aerators

According to the EPA, installing kitchen/bathroom faucet aerators is the single most cost-effective plumbing change you can make to cut down water usage. It also helps save energy by reducing the amount of hot water being used.


Hibbent Sink Faucet Aerator breaks the stream of water into multiple smaller streams, allowing air to combine with the water, and helping water flow out evenly and consistently while reducing the amount of splashing that occurs. And it can reduce the water flow by 30-70% from the standard flow of 2.2 gallons per minute without reducing the water pressure.


In a recent study, water use at home (water from the tap, toilet, dishwasher, etc.) adds up to about 180 gallons per household per day. It means that we could save up to 50 gallons per day and hundreds of dollars in the account for years to come with Hibbent Faucet Aerator Replacements. The next time you wash dishes or brush your teeth, you’ll know that you’re contributing to protecting our precious water resources and saving money in the process.


Other Benefits

hibbent faucet aerator

Of course, a faucet strainer is not only great for the environment but also great for your wallet. Does it have other benefits?


  1. Hibbent Faucet Aerators have 2 water spray modes for you to choose from: soft bubble stream and rain stream spray, which satisfies your different needs.


  1. Is your sink faucet’s flow beginning to slow or giving a poor spray? This could be a sign that you need a water-saving aerator. It produces a straight and evenly pressured stream without sacrificing performance.


  1. It can lower your energy bill. For example, a kitchen faucet aerator reduces the amount of water needed to do the dishes, thereby reducing the demands on water heaters.


  1. The aerator screen can filter out debris from the water of any bathroom sink faucet or kitchen sink faucet.


  1. The water-efficient aerator can activate soap faster and thus reduces the amount of soap needed when you clean the dishes.


Use Less For More

hibbent faucet aerator

Achieving environmental protection and savings can be as easy as twisting on a Hibbent Faucet Aerator, which can cost as little as 10 dollars. So what are you waiting for? Start the wallet and environment friendly path with a simple faucet aerator purchase.


Hibbent Faucet Aerators help you “Save water, save money, and save our world”.