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Hibbent 2 Pack Large 3-Inch Toilet Flapper Replacement Compatible with TOTO flapper Model G-Max, THU138S, THU175S and THU331S


1. Fits 3″ Flush Valve Opening The Hibbent toilet flapper fits for TOTO 3 inch oversize flapper which features an oversized sealing surface to fit large 3-inch TOTO flush valves.

2. High-Quality TPR Material flexible siliconized red rubber for a tight seal, long-lasting, resists chlorine. Specialized Red Rubber For Resisting City Water Treatment, Hard Water, and Well Water.

3. Compatible with Toto Flapper Replacement 3 Inch Toilet Flapper compatible with Toto G-Max THU499S, THU175S & 2021BP.

4. Compatible with TOTO models ST743S, ST744S, ST754SF, ST764S, ST774S, ST784SF, ST94SF, ST814S, CST756204SF, SCT853S, CST845S and CST874S.

5. Easy to Install Tools are not required for installment and are easy to replace. Includes 3″ flapper and stainless steel chain with clip hook.

Product Description