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Order Processing Time: We will process orders within 2 business days upon receipt. During busy periods, processing times may be slightly extended. We strive to process orders as quickly as possible and arrange for shipment.

Shipping Methods: We work with trusted logistics partners who will select the most suitable shipping method based on the destination and the size/weight of the order. Common shipping methods include domestic courier services, international air transportation, etc. We will choose the most appropriate shipping method for your order based on your requirements.

Shipping Calculation: Shipping fees are calculated based on the weight, destination, and selected shipping method of the order. During the checkout process, you will see a breakdown of the shipping fees. We aim to provide accurate shipping calculations and do not charge additional packaging fees.

Order Tracking: Once your order is shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number and logistics information. You can use the tracking number to track your order in real-time on the logistics company’s website.

International Shipping: For international orders, customers are responsible for any potential customs duties, import taxes, or other related fees that may apply. Please ensure you are aware of the regulations and fees specific to your country before placing an order.

Shipping Address: Please ensure you provide an accurate and detailed shipping address, including the recipient’s name, contact number, and postal code. Incorrect or incomplete addresses may result in shipping delays or return of the package.

Shipping Time: The shipping time depends on the destination and the selected shipping method. Typically, domestic shipping takes 2-5 business days, while international shipping takes 7-21 business days. Please note that shipping times may be affected by factors such as weather conditions, holidays, etc., and there may be slight delays.

Package Inspection: Upon receiving your package, please inspect it immediately for completeness and verify the quantity of goods. If you notice any damage or missing items, please contact us immediately so that we can resolve the issue promptly.